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UPVC Window Fitter Stockport
Restoration and Repairs Stockport
Restoration and Repairs Stockport
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UPVC Window Fitter Stockport
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Restoration and Repairs Stockport

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UPVC Windows Stockport

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CP Building and Roofing is a well established and highly reputable window fitting company, We offer all types of window services in and around Stockport. Services include new replacement windows, new bay windows, glass replacements and window refurbishment. Front Doors, patio doors, french doors, sliding doors, bi folding doors, upvc windows and doors, Conservatories and Window and door repairs.

CP Building and Roofing are a company which specialize in customer satisfaction and all work completed comes fully guaranteed.
CP Building and Roofing offer a free quotation and advise to all customers.

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UPVC Window Fitter Stockport


UPVC Cladding Installation and Repairs

Experienced installers of uPVC Cladding covering Stockport

External plastic wall cladding is used to provide weather protection for walls. Wall cladding made of PVC, for example, can protect walls not only against dampness but also against the breakdown from UV light. Additionally, accumulated dirt can be cleaned much more easily from a plastic surface compared with other wall exteriors such as brick and wood. This means that it is easier to keep plastic clad properties looking new for much longer.

Cladding and bargeboards were traditionally made of timber, which rots all too quickly if it’s not regularly maintained. Damp can then get into the roof space and cause a host of other problems. UPVC cladding and bargeboards you get a smart, low-maintenance and long-lasting solution for your home.

Our expert installation includes removing all old materials before fixing your new cladding and bargeboard. Other installers may simply fix the new cladding and bargeboard over the top of old boards but this can cause damp in the long term.

We take extra care to remove rotten roofing felt edges, and where necessary re-cement the gable ends and edges to stop water penetration. A ventilation facility is fitted to allow timber to breathe and prevent damp.

Easy to maintain UPVC is wipe clean, will never rot and your cladding and bargeboards will never need repainting.

The choice of colours includes bright white, black, mahogany and light oak. All finished installations will not crack, flake or warp.

Quality and Performance

  • UPVC Cladding is virtually maintenance free

  • UPVC Cladding does not have to be re-painted

  • Offers better thermal insulation than brick, concrete or timber

  • UPVC Cladding can add value to your home

  • Protects your home from damp and damage due to bad weather

  • UPVC Cladding is pollution resistant

  • UPVC Cladding is resistant to vermin and insect attack

UPVC Window Fitter

Window Replacement

CP Building and Roofing Maintenance offers a skilled and highly experienced team of UPVC Window Fitters, catering for both domestic and commercial properties, all over Stockport. Our professional and reputable company can provide you with quick and easy window replacement services, including replacement sash windows and UPVC replacement windows, for homes and businesses, at competitive rates.


The structure is often referred to as a patio room, solarium, conservatory, patio enclosure or Florida room. It can be constructed of brick, breeze block, wood, glass or PVC. The brick or wood base makes up the main support for the PVC, referred to as the "knee wall", which is attached to the top of it. The glass panels are large and often clear instead of frosted. The roof may be of glass panels but is more usually of a plastic material which lets in sunlight. Some sunrooms are designed for scenic view, while others are designed to collect sunlight for warmth and light. These, usually called solariums, are found in Northern (low sun angle) or cold (high altitude) locations. Solariums have walls made up of glass (or plastic), often curved joining windows, and glass roofs. Sunrooms tend to have conventional roofs.

Gable sun rooms offer high ceilings and a more spacious feel. Its pitched roof complements existing roof lines.

Newer rooms are typically constructed of aluminium framing with tempered glass as the primary structure. The room system is normally constructed of aluminium insulated panels or glass for the "high-end" options. Skylights may be included in the insulated panels. The outside of the roof is normally constructed with a shingled roofing material.

Whereas the majority of Florida rooms or sunrooms of the past appeared to be disassociated with the home, newer public taste places a great deal of emphasis in blending the sunroom into the architecture of the home.

With the latest technologies of glass and heat resistant technology, sunrooms are now able to be used as efficiently in the UK.

Free quotes, half-hourly charges

If you’re looking for a single window replacement, or if you want replacement sash windows or uPVC replacement windows for your entire property, you can contact CP Building and Windows today for a free quote. Our Stockport window fitter are highly skilled, so you can be confident that you won’t be charged over the odds for your window replacements.

Hire a Stockport UPVC Window Fitter today

If you want to arrange a window replacement, such as replacement sash windows and uPVC replacement windows, or if you are looking for a quote for UPVC Window Fitter services, please don’t hesitate to give us a call.

You can call Cp building and roofing today on 07843082521 - we’ll send out a professional UPVC Window Fitter to talk through the window replacement work you want done and to give you a quote for that work - we don’t charge for these call-outs, so go ahead and get in touch.

CP Building and Roofing provide all types of Building and Roofing work in and around Stockport and the North West, from small Glass repairs to full UPVC window installations Stockport.